Screw Foot Valve

It is possible to produce Screw Foot Valve in different sizes for use in different industries.

Screw Foot Valve

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Production of T-type strainers, conical, one-piece flange with very high quality along with strainer valve filter

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Javad Shidaei Industrial Production Group, relying on years of efforts and ability of experienced experts and complying with global standards, has always tried to produce and market the highest quality products in the field of industrial valves.

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Dismantling Joint

Production of fittings required in various industries using the latest and most up-to-date materials

Dismantling Joint

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Foot Valve

Order Foot Valve with the highest quality according to international standards in the size you want.

Foot Valve

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Manhole Valve

You can order all kinds of cast iron manhole valves in different sizes with high quality.

Shidaei Industrial Production Group

“Shidaei Industrial Production Group” started its activity in 1343 and started casting cast iron parts. After several years of experience and gaining useful business, this company began to produce faucets for water and sewage use. Currently, Javad Shidaei Industrial Production Group is launching its products in a workshop with an area of ​​3000 square meters and with 80 experienced and skilled personnel. It is hoped that with God’s help we will be able to expand the variety of our products.

The list of standards followed in the production of all kinds of products of Javad Shidai Industrial Production Group

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Product warranty

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